Story of A Superhero Family

Once upon a time in a planet called “Odaiba”, lived a superhero family. Papa superhero used to fly everyday to save people and humanity. Anywhere, anything, he likes to help people in need.

One day, the children of superhero family asked their father to teach them how to fly.

Children: Papa…. papa ….teach us to fly!

Papa: Kids, just believe in yourself. You can fly.

Children: How to do it papa? it’s difficult.

Papa: Look at papa! Let’s fly together.

…and they fly together ….

Learning to Fly

“Yeeey, we can fly! …. we can fly!”, the children were very happy … They were flying around the planet by themselves.

“But, be careful girl. Don’t fly too fast …”

Don't fly too fast !

And the boy was floating around the statue of liberty … “Yes, I am flying…”

Near the statue of liberty

Then they asked their mother to fly together.

Children: Let’s go shopping Mom. Flying shopping!

Mom : Yes, let’s go. But be careful kids, don’t fly too fast… I might dropped my wallet  🙂

Superhero Family flies to the shop

Meanwhile, Papa got a call from Chief of Police. There is a “Godzilla Attack” in the town. “They need my help”, said Papa. And Papa flew to the city.

Papa Superhero is Coming

Oooh No! A fierce and monster Godzilla!! …. Papa Superhero were very surprised when he saw the Scary Monster Godzilla.

Hey, Godzilla.. Get out of my town!”

Godzilla: “Roooaaaarrrr …. Rooooaaaarrrr …. (Sending atomic breath from his mouth)

Aaaargh, the Atomic Breath !!

Papa Superhero won’t give up and fight the Godzilla…. Boom..Booom…

Get Out Mr. Godzilla!!

And the Godzilla is defeated. Papa Superhero caught it’s tail and brought the monster to the Zoo 🙂

Let's go to the Zoo

The crowds cheers the superhero. Yeeey…we defeat the Godzilla!! Thank you Superhero.

Look! It's a bird! No, it's Papa Superhero!

End of story.

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