Floating Peacock Dancer

Indonesian School in Tokyo is celebrating its 50th anniversary today (23/6). One thing I love from the anniversary is the performance of Indonesian Traditional Dances, and one of my favorite dance is “Peacock Dance” or Tari Merak which originated comes from West Java.

The dance was performed by Ms Rina, Ms Nabila, and Ms Cindy, teacher and students of Indonesian School in Tokyo.

Here they are, the Peacock Dancers ….. as I shoot it.

The Peacock Dancer / photo Junanto

After the dance, Ms Rina and Ms Nabila were eager to do some levitation photography. A bird should fly isn’t it? So, they try to float in the air.

Here are their photos .. They really can fly 🙂

Flying Peacock

Oh My Peacock is Flying / photo junanto
Golden Peacock can Fly / photo Junanto

I hope you enjoyed the dance and the levitation. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. sudah beberapa waktu jadi silent reader di sini,
    suka dengan foto levitasinya… membayangkan sulitnya para penari melompat dengan kostum lengkap

  2. I used to dream of levitating if I’d do a maivsse amount of yoga. This girl is incredible! I’m not certain which one is my favourite, perhaps all of them, but definitely the pink leaves & pack image, and the subway station such a normal look captured.*Miss you dear. Hope you have a glorious Monday! Yes, there is such a thing, I swear it happens. lol -xo

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