Levitation Photowalk around My Neighborhood

Inspired by Natsumi Hayashi in yowayowacamera.com, I held a levitation photowalk around my neighborhood in Meguro, Tokyo. I love doing levitation in my leisure time as it is a great way to express myself as a free person.

I stopped off Rhinshinomori Park  on my way to the nishikoyama market. The park was so quiet and peaceful. It is nice to levitate here.

Tap water levitating at rhinshinomori park
Reach for the tree levitation

At the park, I saw many old men doing exercise and some kind of Taichi. So, I think I will have some levitating exercise on the park bench.

After the Taichi

I finally arrived at Nishikoyama station. I took some levitation photographs in front of the station.

Nishikoyama Station, Tokyo
Flying Without Wing at Nishikoyama Station

On my way back home, I stopped by at a secondhand bookstore. It was a very nice small shop selling many interesting books. I bought some photography books at a very cheap price. Before that, I did a levitating pose while reading the book.

Levitating while reading

That was my levitating photowalk project around my neighborhood. Keep levitating, keep passionate, and free yourself.

Thank you for stopping by.



  1. I love this! Great job :3I definitely want to try soenthimg like this, seeing as how I’m going to be dressing up as Peter Pan for Halloween, but I’m not good enough with Photoshop to be able to make the adjustments to get rid of the supports and make it look how it should. Maybe I should practice with it until then XD

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