Why Do I Levitate?

Natsumi Hayashi / photo by Junanto

Yesterday (6/16), I met Natsumi Hayashi during her exhibition of “Natsumi Hayashi Today’s Levitation” at MEM Gallery in Ebisu, Tokyo. Hayashi-san, who lives in Tokyo, is very famous for her levitation project. She presents photographs of herself looking light as air, shot mostly around the city. The images have earned her a respectable following on her blog (http://yowayowacamera.com), as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Is she jumping to get a perfect pose? No, Natsumi Hayashi is not jumping.

She’s levitating.

Hayashi-san looks as if she’s doing a slow, lyrical dance through the air.

Her style has inspired many people in the world to do the same things.

“Why do you levitate?” I asked. She said that she has fantasies of escaping from the confines of gravity. “I wanted to express myself as an honest person ‘whose feet are not firmly planted on the ground’ by shooting myself being free of the gravity of the Earth,”.

“When I am free of the gravity inside the picture, I feel free of any obligation to the society and live without being bound to many things.”

That was inspiring.

Here are some of my levitation project, inspired by Natsumi Hayashi.

Keep levitating.

Thank you for stopping by.

Levitation Project / yowayowacamera and junanto

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